A Hotel in the Heart of Jordan’s History

Welcome to the homepage of the Pilgrim’s House, a pleasurable hotel located in the center of the Jordanian city of Madaba that is fully owned and operated by the Church of Saint George.  Our establishment not only offers excellent accommodations and services, but also a truly exceptional experience for those interested in visiting some of the world’s most coveted archeological discoveries, one of which is the Church of Saint George itself.

The Church and the Mosaic Map

Also widely known throughout the world as the Church of the Map, this Greek Orthodox church houses the oldest surviving cartographical mosaic in the world. The Mosaic Map of Madaba has also been revered  by archeologists, historians, and art historians as the oldest map of the Holy Land.  This well preserved archeological marvel dates back to the sixth century A.D. and depicts important sites that include Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Nile Delta, making it a critical tool for the discovery of several other archeological sites.  Our beautiful church has safely maintained this site for over a century, while also fulfilling its religious duties as a center for the Greek Orthodox faith in Jordan.

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